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Crush Excuses

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Many of us struggle with procrastination and excuses.

Whether we don’t feel good, we feel we are too busy, we are afraid of the work and success that comes with it, or are just constantly distracted by life itself, many of us aren’t as productive as we could be. 

We fall back on excuses of why we aren’t achieving as much as we felt we should be.

Do These Excuses Sound Familiar?

“I’m tired.”
“I’m not as young as I used to be.”
“I have a family to take care.”
“I have young kids who constantly need supervision and attention.”
“I have elderly parents to take care.”
“I have important calls on my smartphone to monitor.”
“I’m working as hard as I can, and that’s good enough.”

Everyone has their own excuses of why they aren’t as productive as they feel they should be and why it takes them longer to complete projects and tasks than expected. 

When people don’t want to tackle a task or a project, they make up an excuse of why they can’t do it at that time.

In other words, they procrastinate, always pushing something off until later that they could and should be doing now. 

Then, when the deadline comes closer, they panic and start working faster and haphazardly in an effort to get the work done in time, often leading to critical mistakes in the work. 

Additionally, the person feels more drained and irritable because he/she had to work harder to get the task or project done on time, all because of procrastination and putting the task or project off until later.

And the fact we aren’t as productive as we should be because of excuses and procrastination is a key reason why you aren’t having the success you thought you would. 

We’re always falling behind on projects, struggling to complete them on time. 

We always look as if we’re not capable when we struggle to complete projects on time, while others make it look so easy because they’re always on time or early when it comes to completing projects.

And, of course, those are the people who are always getting the promotion or the success you thought you would get.


How Do You Crush Excuses?

So, how do YOU start getting the promotions and the success that you want and deserve? 

The key is learning how to Crush Excuses and procrastination and becoming more productive at work and in your life in general. 


Crush Excuses

How To Stop Procrastinating And Get More Done While Staying Happy




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